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Project round-up for Year One

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Damn, kid. Year One was busy.

Since we opened shop in October of 2013 we only had a few leads and one solid project on the table. On this side of the timeline, we haven't had a slow moment, and it's been immensely satisfying to work for ourselves. It's scary as hell for a lot of reasons, but nothing beats the ability to call your own shots.

When we started last year we decided to take a lean approach. We determined our long term goals - which are still in place - but the day-to-day "how are we going to make this thing fly" was intentionally open and flexible. At the outset, we focused on some things we new how to do well and were viable - namely WordPress, WooCommerce, Shopify and general Ecommerce development.

We worked in these areas at the beginning, but immediately moved into bigger UX planning and design projects. Since then we've been able to add some satisfying graphic and print design opportunities to the list. So, without further delay, here's a project round-up, in no particular order, of the client work we've done this year:

Upstart Crow Literary

This NYC-based lit agency needed a full site redesign and a bunch of custom functionality. Check out our post on this project in our work section, or visit the site.

2014 ISTE Annual Report

ISTE needed a custom, visually rich, and interactive annual report to share with stake holders and members. We loved this project. Read about it in our work section or visit the live report.

Verizon Mobile Learning Academy

Working in concert with, we developed information pages and a sign-up form sequence for a new online educational platform sponsored by the Verizon Foundation. This project required UX design, page flow architecture, user and admin dashboards creation, and auto-email responders. The launch of the VMLA section coincided with their big annual conference, as well as a complete front-end redesign. We were able to adapt the new-in-the-works style guide and apply their art direction to these pages as well.

Showcase Events runs holiday gift and gourmet food trade shows in 5 different states. They have individual websites for each show, and needed to convert their original HTML sites to responsive themes on the WordPress platform. We updated sites for Seattle and Tacoma late this summer, and will be continuing the project for the rest of their sites in the coming months.

These guys are pros at Woo Commerce plugin development and we highly recommend checking out their products. They needed an assist on integrating a new site theme with WooCommerce functionality, and we were happy to back them up.

Abacus Design

This residential home design studio needed an new site, art direction, copy-writing, and brand communication developed in order to hit the right market. Visit the site to find out what they do.

This project was headed up by neighboring agency Drawn, and we came in to clean up and expand the back-end programming, bring the user interface into spec, and consult on a roadmap for future improvements and growth. is an online retailer of custom WOD (workout of the day) books for Crossfit athletes. They worked with Portland agency Owen Jones on some branding and a front-end look for their new site built on Shopify. We took the Owen Jones art direction and integrated it with the Shopify platform, as well as worked out their plugin strategy for bulk and custom orders.


We have new projects currently in process, as well as some internal ideas we are testing out, but this pretty much brings us up to date. As you can see, we cover a wide range of services, from back end programming to front end design and planning. We are open to any size project, and prefer to find solutions for a given budget over saying a flat no.

If you are trying to decide what areas you need to focus your budget on for the upcoming year, check out our recent post titled "Where to focus budgets for design and web projects."