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November 10, 2016 - No Comments!

Design does good, and we can’t just sit around.


Welp. That sucked.

Like a lot of our colleagues and peers in the design world (and everyone else who contributed to the popular vote), we are all picking our selves up and dusting ourselves off after an exhausting election cycle and disappointing results. We are not one's to mope around in our shop, and need to feel proactive in how we step into the future. For designer's, solving problems are what define our work, and get us out of bed in the morning. So, here's the first iteration of what we'd like to do:

Artsdigital is offering free design consulting for any individual or group working in the areas of social justice, art, culture or education.

We'd like to hear from you and tweak our process as we go. The easiest way to start is for interested parties to fill out our simple inquiry form below, and tell us a bit about what you are doing and what you might need.

To be clear, we aren't yet able to freely offer our complete services creating websites, apps, developing strategy, or identity packages (though we would like to in the future). We are a small shop, and have kids to feed at home. For now, we want to help by offering our time, expertise and guidance to those who want to make our country a better place for everyone. We really believe that change doesn't just happen with the election of a new president - it happens locally and nationally at the grass roots level. Vote locally. Help locally. Advocate in ways that show those in charge what we care about most. Look out for each other.

If you are interested, hit the link below and fill out our form. We'll get back in touch with more questions as soon as we can.

C'mon America. We can do this.