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Interviews and Essays on Tools, Design and Process

Courtney Stubbert is interviewed at Apple Seeds.

Our illustrious designer Courtney Stubbert was interviewed for the new blog Apple Seeds. From their about page:

"Apple Seeds is a site dedicated to sowing seeds of inspiration for artists who use Apple products.  From Writers to Filmmakers, Illustrators to Musicians — we'll profile a different artist every week making cool things with Apple tech.

Though Courtney hasn't given 'actual' blood to the Apple corp, his devotion is understandable given the amount of hours he spends glued to his tools. Paul on the other hand just scoffs at him, relishing in the dollars he saves on his multiple PC or Linux laptops that are "just as powerful, and 2/3 the price."

He's right. But then again, he prefers the command line.

Good luck to the site creator Micah Moss, and thanks for the conversation. Read the interview here.

More Reading:

If you like reading about the creative process and designing book covers, Courtney waxes poetic on both subjects elsewhere. Check out "Interview with a book designer" and "How I discovered process".


Paul Fernandez
January 20, 2015 at 9:59 pm

I only have one laptop, which dual-boots into either Linux or Windows. GET IT RIGHT.

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