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Recent Logo and Web Design work for


Earlier this year we donated a bit of branding for our tech community switchboard, which had become an extension of an already existing social media outlet, and short run of podcast episodes. Since the local tech scene has grown in leaps in bounds the last few years, wanted to have a better visual identity to tie it's online outposts together, and help stage the upcoming season of the podcast.

EUG_TECH_switchlogo_circle500We put together a simple logomark, initially for the switchboard and it's related Twitter and Facebook pages, back in the winter of 2015, and most recently designed a landing page for the MVP relaunch of the domain. It's exciting to be involved with this community, and we look forward to helping grow our hub for startup innovation and design thinking.

Read more about the identity development in our portfolio.

If you are interested in what is happening in our startup scene, go sign up for the announcement of's next podcast season!


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