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ArtsDigital Spring 2014 News – Design Studio Launches then Proceeds to Get Super Busy

The ArtsDigital team at workIt’s been a monumentally busy few months since we launched our design studio this past fall. We wanted to post an update about what's been happening and what's coming up in Spring 2014.

Client Projects Launching soon

To date, our projects have included a WooCommerce integration for a software developer in Philadelphia, a site redesign for a literary agency in New York and a new site for a Portland-based web startup. These projects are all in their final stages, and we’ll be firing warning shots across the internet's bow when the go live.

Keep your head down. v.2

Screenshot 2014-03-06 16.42.21

We launched the first version of our site back in November of 2013. We had both recently gone out on our own and had bills to pay, so we hacked something together (only one theme was harmed in the process) and built v.1 practically overnight. Almost immediately we had better ideas for how it should look and who we are as a studio.

We've spent some time sorting out our mission and values as designers and what kind of site would reflect that. We are happy to say we have a new design-from-scratch in the works and are planning on pushing it live by the end of this month.

Service Updates

MoronesAnalytics09Along with this new site redesign comes some additional services. For years I've been freelancing as a print designer, and we're pretty excited to be able to round out our projects with cohesive identity and print campaign capabilities.

If you need a brand refresh, a logo and branded print materials all by their lonesome, or a top down identity, website and horse trailer graphic wrap (never done one, would love to) then we can do it.

Get on the ham radio and give us a shout.

New Internal Project - Songnotes

songnotes_iphoneBoth of us have been musicians for as long as we can remember, and songwriting has always been in the mix. One day we were talking about the songwriting process and how we used to use mini cassette recorders and spiral notebooks to keep track of our song ideas. Paul had the idea to model an app after this experience, and boom - Songnotes was born.

At its core it will be an easy way to capture song ideas in the form of audio and lyrics, and will help musicians keep the creative process flowing uninterrupted. Once that's in place, we have a truckload of ideas to expand on that core experience with some useful tools and integrations.

We want to use Songnotes to extend our experience with user interface design and development while building a tool that we want to use ourselves. We'll be taking an agile development approach, releasing improvements and gathering feedback as often as possible.

Hang on to your wigs and keys.


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