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Two Pop-up shows hosted in our studio

Pushphin Ephemera posters in the window of Artsdigital's studio.

Pushpin Ephemera at

During First Friday this month we hosted a pop-up show for Eugene Contemporary Art (a side project of Artsdigital co-founder Courtney Stubbert). We have a really small space, but it was a great chance to move some furniture around and re-envision our design studio for another use. It was a group show featuring the studio "ephemera" of 6 local artists. It was a cool mix of sketches, notes, collages, figure studies, screen printing tests, photocopy reference materials. All of it represented the studio practice as an exploration, but revealed the items rarely shown by artists. Mostly because they don't tend to think about the stuff that collects to the sides of their "real work".


Pushpin Ephemera group show main wall

Paths of Resistance - October 2nd

We are trying it again this coming October 2nd, with another show, this time of a single artists work. "Paths of Resistance" by Josh Sands will have a mix of paintings and objects up for one night. We may have to move our desks and shelving into the hallway for the evening, but that's fine with us. It also gives us a chance to make some posters for an art event... which is why we got into design in the first place.

Read more about it on ECA's website.


Paths of Resistance pop-up show banner


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