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Welcome to Artsdigital.co


It's Go Time.

Welcome to Artsdigital.co - a brand new design studio located in the Pacific Northwest. Our goal is to provide businesses, organizations, brands and startups of all sizes solid design - in digital or print.  Collectively we've got nearly 20 years experience in design and on the web, and we can't wait to get started on your project.
A few things we are good at:

  • Custom web and theme development (from small sites all the way up to big ecommerce and complex membership sites)
  • Identity & Print Collateral Design
  • WooCommerce and WordPress Customization
  • Digital Strategy and User Experience

So who are we?

Courtney Stubbert (design) and Paul Fernandez (development), that's who. Just two dudes who, after working together for another company, decided we would be better off going out on our own. We wanted more control over project planning and outcomes. We wanted to have the flexibility to pursue the kinds of internal projects (and schedule) that not having a time card allows. Mostly, we wanted to work on a broader range of projects for good people, on our own terms.

So, get in touch with us. We are always happy to meet with prospective clients and collaborators, virtually or in real life (we'll buy the coffee) and hear about what you are doing.

If you are on Twitter you can follow us @Artsdigitalco,  @getpunched, and @paul4nandez.

In case you aren't excited enough, here's Jean Claude Van Damme. Baking. Making music. Chillin'.

It's go time.

Welcome to ArtsDigital

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