20x21EUG Mural Project


Graphic identity for a civic street art project

The city of Eugene, Oregon, had recently begun a street art project with the goal of bringing "20 murals to Eugene by 2021” - in time for the World Track Championships held at historic Hayward Field. The project had been initiated by the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art, in collaboration with the city's Public Art Committee. The project committee asked Artsdigital.co to develop a graphic identity to support the project. 

Our task was to make something that could translate as a stencil, in order to identify the project walls. Of course, it also had to do well in online promotions and print signage. While we didn’t want to compete with the artist’s work, we did want it to look like it belonged in a street art context.

We started with the letters for “20x21”, and wanted to find a way to organize the type so that it referenced architecture. We created custom letterforms to get the right vibe, and immediately started cutting stencils to test how it looked in live paint. We extended the custom type to the main hashtag, which would be used to encourage social sharing on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook from any mural site.


Since the 20x21EUG project will be ongoing through 2021, we wanted to make sure the client had enough tools to work with going forward.  We created an alternate version - a “paint drip” icon as a wrapper for the main mark - that would help tell the story of the project when used outside the context of the live murals. 

For the final presentation, we created a zine showing the mark in context by creating mockups of the stencil on some recently completed murals, on signage, as a street art festival poster, and t-shirts. Each zine also included a sample of the hand cut stencil tests we made of the final mark.

The client’s were stoked. We were stoked. This all adds up to double stoke - our aim for every project. We’ll post more images here when we start seeing the mark in the wild.


City of Eugene Public Art Committee


Project title:

20x21EUG Graphic Identity


Isaac Marquez, Debbie Williamson-Smith, Courtney Stubbert


Logomark, Letterform design, Apparel