Branding for a solid foundation

When Mark Davis of and took the helm on a local job and events site, we saw an opportunity to assist some local homies making things happen. acts as a information center for Eugene, Oregon's booming tech sector. It operates a job switchboard and social media channels that push updates and activity to the rest of the tech community. 

We initially offered to design a logo they could use across their online channels to, you know, “really tie the room together.” Our solution was a "circuitboard E" logomark, which reflects the literal "tech" but also points to the connected relationship all of us have as a community. 

Following the rollout of the new logo, they came to us with one more basic need - a single, lead generating web page to start building their subscriber list in time for their podcast's next season. They didn't need a bunch of pages, and weren't in a position to create content to fill them. So we kept the design lean and green, and threw in some additional copy to make things clear. Some additional colors and a couple typefaces would give them enough art direction to keep the MVP of the site, and any future scaling they did, looking cohesive. 

 Help your neighbors, kids. It’s good for the economy.




Project title:

MVP website design, Identity


Mark Davis, Maurice Griffin, Courtney Stubbert


Logomark, Art direction, Web design, Copy writing, Strategy