Give Shop 2015

Throwing a party for a good cause

Given that our work always revolves around the business and communication goals of others, we find it extremely important to pursue and test ideas for ourselves. The idea for Give Shop came out of a moment of mid-project day dreaming - what if we designed a poster that had to be given away? Better yet, what if "getting" the poster to give away meant you had to give to someone to get it in the first place? We started to get dizzy with meta-implications, and called our good friend Amy Baker at Threadbare Press, and see if she was interested in teaming up for a holiday season event during the downtown art walk. 

She was, because she's rad. Game on. 

Threadbare runs a mobile printing press for events and educational workshops. We could print the posters on the spot, and visitors could hang out and drink free cider (donated by Wildcraft Ciderhouse) while the prints dried. We dried, cut and packaged them there as well, which gave the whole evening a performative aspect, exposing the process. The proceeds were donated to CASA of Lane County, and every print came with a big and small version. One to keep and one to give.

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The D.I.Y. nuts and bolts

We live in a small town notrious for being hard to sell art in, but we felt the "Give" design concept had a little more to offer. The poster itself was a call to action, and could hang out all year round, or become part of your annual holiday decor.  

To get the word out, we developed our own promotion - laser-printed posters, social media graphics, an email blast and a press release to the local papers. The final print design wasn't determined until just before the event, so we opted for black and white photo of the screen printing process to make sure people understood what to expect. At the outset we new we wanted to focus on a typographic solution for the print. We based all our preliminary posters and social media graphics on the beautifully chunky typeface Eames Century Modern, which we continued to use in the final poster design, and the typographic wall mural we put up as an event backdrop. Finally we art directed a post-event video in collaboration with Jay Jones of

Along with a matching donation we acquired from Imagination International, Inc, we were able to hand over a modest chunk of change to CASA, and the event was recognized locally as an "Outstanding Arts and Business Partnership". Prints are still available on our Gumroad page, and we'll continue to donate the proceeds to CASA. We plan on doing it again in 2016, with brand new print designs. Stay tuned.




Project title:

Give Shop 2015


Threadbare Press, Courtney Stubbert, CASA of Lane County, Wildcraft Ciderhouse, Imagination International, Inc.


Graphic design, Silk-screen printing, Video production, Social & Print Media Strategy, Event planning