Immersion Corporation


A complete redesign for a tech leader

We initially began working with Immersion on a design and development project for their software products. Over the course of that project, their team shifted goals, and requested we help merge the Touchsense property into a top-to-bottom redesign of their main corporate site. was not originally scalable or responsive, and their own company goals had shifted dramatically in the years since it had been first created. They were now focusing serious energy into improving their messaging and accessibility to their core products. While they had worked with Owen Jones Partners establishing new messaging focus, branding and art direction, we were asked to integrate their work into a responsive, scalable WordPress site.


"Courtney and Paul are a dynamic team. We gave them a fairly amorphous vision for our website and they were able to turn it into a clear story for our business. They delivered quality work under tight timeframes and accommodated our ever-changing requests. Paul has a solution for any technical problem and Courtney’s creative concepts and designs gave us the original look we were seeking for our brand."

- Linda Quach, Marketing Communications, Immersion Corp.


As with all our website projects, we began with interviews, asset collection, and site map and copy deck creation. A URL map was also developed so we could set up clean redirects, and make sure important content from the previous site could still be found. We helped shape their messaging funnel and call to actions, to ensure effective story-telling and a clear path for their users. This work lead to wireframes development in order to narrow down layout and functionality requirements. The final color comp rounds gave us the chance to work along side Owen Jones in adapting their style direction. The site was completely responsive and featured multiple menu styles, as well as integrations with 3rd party enterprise software. 


For the homepage, Immersion needed a way to visually describe the core aspect of their products - haptic affects for mobile devices. We believed giving users a visual experience right away helped tell a better story. Since real haptic effects are not supported on all devices, we created an animated interaction as a simple indication of the experience. For devices that do support haptics, we helped integrate their SDK into the animation so the full effect is present. 

As a software company, they are no strangers to pivoting mid-stream, and we were able to collaborate and advise them on the best steps for new visual and functional directions as we merged two separate sites into one. The site officially launched in January 2016, and what had been a static online presence, is now an active, adaptable member of their team.




Project title:

Website redesign


Paul Fernandez, Courtney Stubbert, James Madson, Jay Jones, Dan Schlitzkus


Strategy, Architecture, Custom WordPress Design & Development, Animation, Video