Mobile UX for Spirit of 21 app


User Flow Design for Mobile

Artsdigital was approached by the client to design a user experience for the MVP release of Spirit of 21. Their new mobile app was meant to enhance the wine tasting experience, facilitate wine purchases from partnering wineries, and connect small and mid-sized wineries with wine lovers.

The Spirit of 21 team needed help defining their minimum viable product for the app's initial release. We set out to help them understand their user’s overall experience, and did this by establishing user-flow, screen functions, and finally, a clickable prototype to hand off to the development team.

“Artsdigital was able to help us stay really focused on the core goals for our initial launch, and provided a lot of clarity to a process that was new to us. They were able to balance our goals with what our end-user needed to succeed, as well as providing our developers with a really clear roadmap for building the final product."

- Patrick Wong, Product Development, Spirit of 21.

At the beginning of the project, we did a round of interviews with the Spirit of 21 team, in order to determine their business goals, and the outcomes they wanted from the app. Once we pinpointed the key metrics they wanted to track, we determined the basic user information we needed to gather, along with user's winery and tasting preference info. All of this data needed to be gathered painlessly at signup. This user profile information would in turn guide a key feature - recommending wines based on the user’s preferences.

During the next phase, we broke down all the tasks that moved the user through the app. Each step got it’s own "user task story” - a brief sentence defining the actions taken - to help clearly define the “whys" of each step the user was taking. This was crucial in helping the stakeholders and dev team understand the purpose behind any of the functionality that needed to be built.

Once we had the metrics, user data, and user stories all sorted out we built our user flow map. This was then used to create a clickable prototype. Once the client clicked through the prototype demo screens, the project really started to feel alive. They had a real, testable experience, and as a team, we were able to discuss and troubleshoot several small details, before even getting to the development phase.

The launched version of the app, developed by another team, stuck close to the structure we created, and provided them a solid foundation to get started and iterate for future improvements. Right now the app is available on both iOs and Android. The best part is, you get to drink wine, think about drinking wine, buy wine, and drink more wine.  Cheers!


Spirit of 21


Project title:

Mobile App UX Design


Courtney Stubbert, Patrick Wong, Elaine Marshall, Rick Revetria


User Stories, User flow map, Wire frames, Prototype